About us

Jenny Kate celebrates nature with designs that capture it in a unique light.

A childhood spent near the coast was the beginning of Jenny’s lifelong love of the outdoors. Born with a pencil in hand, she spent her early years creating images inspired by her environment, capturing its essence and spirit.

It’s this love of nature that inspires everything we do.

Combining creativity and craftsmanship, we produce high-quality products for people around the world who share our love of nature, helping them bring a little slice of it into their homes.For us, nature is not just a design trend, nature is a way of life. That’s why we strive as a brand to work with charities and trusts to sustain what we celebrate. We want everyone to have the chance to appreciate nature in its own home as well as their own, both now and in the future.

Jenny Kate

Jenny Kate

Growing up, Jenny’s love of nature began to flourish while exploring the coastlines and countryside that surrounded her home town of Plymouth. When she wasn’t wandering along coastal paths or exploring National Trust gardens, she was often at home with a pencil or paintbrush in hand, and later a needle and thread after she began taking embroidery classes at the age of 11.

In 2015, Jenny began studying towards her textiles degree at Cardiff Metropolitan University. Already an established artist with her own business, Jenny Evans Designs, she began to explore how she could use the influences from both her early childhood and time she had spent travelling abroad, to inspire and create products that would help people bring nature into their everyday lives.

What she has created in Jenny Kate is about much more than art. It’s about building a global brand that celebrates quality, craftsmanship and nature through high-quality homeware products that inspire people to celebrate with us.

Jenny Kate

Our collaborators

Bert Jones - Ceramicist

Bert Jones is an emerging ceramicist from South Wales. He is inspired by the quiet beauty that hand made objects can bring into the everyday.

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Evan Moore - Designer Maker

Evan Moore is a designer and maker, originally from Gloucester. He marries traditional processes with new technologies to create contemporary furniture pieces.

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Charlotte Ryan-Coombes - Designer Maker

Charlotte Ryan-Coombes and her family have been hand-making lampshades from their studio in Plymouth for over 20 years, their artisan methods upholding the heritage of their craft.

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