Bringing the outdoors in interior design

This week at Jenny Kate, we have been getting creative in the studio with our in-house florist, and it’s inspired us to explore one of the biggest interior design trends of 2019 - ‘Bring the Outdoors In’. Although currently labelled a ‘trend’, bringing nature into the home is what the entire Jenny Kate brand is built on, and something we embrace year on year. We believe that there is nothing more timeless than floral prints, indoor plants and organic tones. Here, we will run through some of the traditional ways to add a touch of nature to your interior scheme as well as some of the latest nature-centred trends.

2019 in the world of interiors and home design has been all about nature and sustainability. This means utilising natural materials that are classic and long-lasting. Not only is this friendly to Mother Earth but, it lends a touch of magic, mystery and beauty to your home. To truly understand the trend, we will delve a little deeper into the key styles.

Retro Scandinavian

As the new season rolls in, we are discovering that the Scandinavian trend is here for the long haul. No longer used merely as an elegant Christmas theme, Scandi Design is now offering a more long term solution. With a 70s retro feel for 2019, we are seeing earthy colours of terracotta, browns and burnt oranges and, 70s wouldn’t be 70s without geometric patterns and prints. Adding to the geo patterns and earthy tones, are macrame planters and statement lighting. Don’t be afraid to play with all of these techniques.

Tactile Textures

In keeping with the nature theme, try adding natural materials that provide various textures to your home. Think wood floors, rattan or hemp furniture and add faux furs for a warm and cosy feeling with a natural look. Adding varied textures to your interior design scheme will add depth and character to your home.

Flower Pressing

Flower pressing has been around for centuries and, in more recent years, it seems to have become something considered old fashioned, but not to us. For us, flower pressing is wonderfully therapeutic and a lovely way to preserve a little piece of nature in your home. You can be as creative as you like, but the most popular way to use flower pressings is to lay them on a piece of card or canvas and frame them to hang in your home.

Plants and Flowers

There is no simpler way to bring the outdoors in than to add plants and flowers. Macrame plants are huge at the moment and add such a cute touch. There are plenty of ways to introduce greenery to your home, and it doesn’t have to be predictable. Playing on the 1970s trend of the moment, try enhancing your home with some terrariums which are very much back on the scene.

Earthy and Mustard Hues

Mustard tones interior design

Mustard is very popular in contemporary interiors in 2019. All shades of mustard, yellows and browns are cropping up in room design. In recent years, we have seen mustardy hues appearing as accents adding a pop of colour here and there. We are now somewhat desensitised to the bold and brazen colour, and we are now seeing it being used over larger areas - whole sofas and chairs, perhaps curtains or rugs.

Earthy colours work beautifully with mustard yellows and browns. Think deep terracottas, racing or leafy greens and earthy browns. If you’re not one for bold colours, then the softer and more subtle earthy tones are a great alternative - think of stone or mineral greys and sandy shades, and you can always add a pop of colour and pattern with a Jenny Kate cushion.

Jenny Kate Products

Of course, to make a real statement and truly celebrate nature through design, invest in a piece from the Jenny Kate Binding Roots collection. Launching very soon, you will find beautiful cushions and lampshades that will add a beautiful bit of enchantment to any interior design scheme. All Jenny Kate designs feature anatomically correct details as all start their lifecycle as one of Jenny’s sketches.

We hope that you have enjoyed reading this. Will you be adopting any of these trends? We would love to hear from you so be sure to tag us on Instagram @jennykateco

Jenny Kate - Open the Door to Nature

April 23, 2019 — Katie Cullen