Whether you live in an urban apartment or a country cottage, each of the products in our debut collection, Binding Roots, is designed to help you bring the outdoors in and let you rediscover the beauty of nature at home.

Inspired by the textile traditions of the Iban people of Borneo, Binding Roots is a love letter to the British countryside. The fabrics, which are named after places Jenny visited growing up, each tell the story of a childhood spent outdoors and capture a lifetime of memories that are rooted in nature.

The collection is a celebration of unsung heroes, things that often go unnoticed unless you look for them, but whose charm and character are part of the reason Jenny found a fondness for the landscape at such a young age.

True to the traditions that have inspired it, Binding Roots is not just a celebration of heritage, it is a representation of Jenny’s hope that the products within it will help people embrace nature as part of their everyday lives.