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Guest Blog: Evan Moore & The Process of Making

Designing and making the bramble leaves for the lights was a interesting process from concept to completion. We took a real bramble leaf and 3D scanned it to create a model which could be scaled to any size. For the standing lamp we scaled it up and cast it into bronze using a fusion of new technologies coupled with traditional process.

It was fascinating to see how the bronze flowed into the shape of the leaf, which has a large surface area and is thin, creating large pressures when pouring the molten metal. The result was each leaf came out completely unique, with the bronze flowing and reacting differently around the shape every time it was poured. This helps create a really organic feel to the bramble leaves with the natural defects of the bronze being left rather than repaired and covered, letting the leaves take on a material personality of their own. The leaves also have a natural texture left over by the sand-casting process which has been brushed and left to naturally patina slightly before waxing. This furthers the natural feel of the giant bramble leaves, with different colours and textures appearing on their surfaces. The leaves are a collaboration between material, form and process, to create a exclusive shade for a lamp.

Held by a minimal stainless steel curve and a large cast bronze base, their minimalism focused the eye onto the more decorative elements of the bramble leaves. Similarly, the coffee table has a decorative cold cast bronze inlay, and a solid bronze table leg. This is complemented by the wonderful flowing grain of the English elm wood and the minimal shape of the coffee table. It was really interesting to see how two very different styles, the minimal and the decorative, can work together to create something that is balanced and unique.

Evan Moore

Evan Moore

5th May 2018

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