How To: Create a Christmas Wreath Base - Part Two


If you haven't already, make sure you check out yesterday's video!

We had such a great response from yesterday, I am so excited to share part two of the video.

This was surprisingly easy to do and was so relaxing. 

I highly recommend good company, wine, Christmas music and somewhere you don't mind getting too messy - moss tends to get everywhere when you do this.

I love crafts like this - they last for a short amount of time, so feel precious and if you follow the tutorial, you will come out with a beautiful, professional looking wreath for the fraction of the price.

It was such a pleasure to work with Beth on this project. Beth is a wonderful florist, human and teacher, so make sure to check her out at Forbesfield - she also runs workshops as part of the Forbesfield Flower School. 

Make sure to share your own DIY wreaths using the hashtag, #createwithjennykate


12th December 2018

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