How To Decorate Baubles Using Paint Pens

Today we are joined again by Gemma from Lark Design Make

A fabulous teacher running workshops across Cardiff, it was wonderful to work with her on this workshop. Gemma runs masses of workshops, so make sure you head over to her website for more information!
This tutorial is quick, easy and fun. As I am about to move out of my home, I panic already about what my tree will look like next Christmas. Tutorials like this mean that you don't have to spend your whole paycheck on beautiful baubles, but can still add a personal touch to your trees.
My top tip for this tutorial is definitely get some blue tac and maybe an egg cup and hair dryer too. Trust me - drawing on a curved surface is harder than it looks!
It's really easy to do this tutorial with paint too, so go for it and get really creative!

If you make anything from this tutorial, be sure to share it with us, using the hashtag #createwithjennykate

12th December 2018

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