How To: Forage & Create a Christmas Wreath Base

Hello and welcome back to the second tutorial in our Christmas based series!

Today I'm sharing the first part of a series I've been super excited to work on.

Beth from Forbesfield has worked on a couple of projects with me now and I just knew that I had to beg, borrow and steal her away from her very busy business to come and teach me (and you guys) how to make the most fabulous wreath for your homes.

This is quite a long video, but well worth the watch. 

A couple of things I wanted to reiterate. Firstly, when foraging, make sure you forage carefully and respectfully. Don't go hacking down a tree, or stealing out of someone's garden. Take what you need and only small amounts from each place you go. Forests are good, but also try places like carparks and unkempt industrial estates. Make sure to gather what's in season and as Beth says in the video, always keep your eye out for pinecones, berries and nuts that will really finish off your video for a real wow factor.

We try to be as sustainable as possible and Beth has done the same. She's gone foam free for this video and used a wire, reusable frame as well as moss to create our wreath base.
This is a great way to keep it eco friendly and cost effective! As you can use the same tools year on year!

I hope you enjoy this video as much as I did making it!

Beth is a wonderful florist, human and teacher, so make sure to check her out at Forbesfield - she also runs workshops as part of the Forbesfield Flower School. 

Make sure to share your own DIY wreaths using the hashtag, #createwithjennykate

12th December 2018

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