Jenny Kate

Jenny Kate

Inspired: Heligan Print

It seemed only fitting to choose Heligan as one of the prints to explore first.

Beginning life as a few simple pencil drawings, this print was inspired by The Lost Gardens of Heligan.

Having spent hours blackberry picking as a child, there’s something very romantic and magical about that time of the year for me, coming in with stained mouths, sticky fingers and wind chilled cheeks from the crisp sunshine. The richness of autumn influenced my colour choices too - as the rich mustard yellow really reminded me of the best days of Autumn - filled with rich yellow and red leaves, bright sunshine and wild walks.

I visited Heligan many times as a child and always marvelled that such a magical place could have been lost and grown wild over so many decades after all the men were lost to the war.

The magic of Heligan stayed with me and reminded me of a real version of The Secret Garden. I always imagined high walls of brambles hiding this hidden secret and that’s how Heligan the print was born.

Visiting the gardens as an adult, still brought that sense of wonder that something so beautiful could be lost for so long. I found so many bold and vibrant colours while visiting that I knew this was the perfect print for the collection.

The magic of Heligan not only inspired a fabric print in my new collection - Binding Roots - it also went on to inspire two collaborations, one with Evan Moore and one with Bert Jones.

The collaboration with Bert has been named The Heligan Collection, as twisting brambles decorate the surfaces of all the ceramics.

The collaboration with Evan included 3D scanning real brambles, before casting them in bronze - both in the forms of lighting and a coffee table.

I love the idea of capturing something so fleeting and preserving it in something that will be treasured forever.

This print has a really special place in my heart, it brings back so many different memories with so many people that I love dearly. It brings me joy and I hope it will bring you a lifetime of happy memories too.


Jenny Kate

Jenny Kate

5th May 2018

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